Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Assignment 2:

1. Describe the 4 domains of creativity:

Generating many ideas
Generating different types of ideas
Generating unusual ideas
Adding to ideas to improve them

2. Describe the Feldman Method of Art Criticism:

Who is the artist?
What is the medium?
                How big is the work of art?
                What are the characteristics of the work of art?
                Use the elements and principles to further describe the work of art?
                                Ex) How do the colors relate?
                What does it mean?
                How do the images create metaphor?
                What kind of feeling does it give you, the viewer?
                Does it have an alternate meaning?
                A social meaning?
Judge or Evaluate
                Do you like it? Why or why not?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Assignment #1: Biographical Statement

§  Have you ever made art? What kind of art do you like?
I am a dance education major, so most of the art that I create has to do with dance.  I have choreographed for classes and for younger students in the past, and also there is a lot of interpreting that is done when you are performing a piece.  Along with this process, you have to use and incorporate music for most dance pieces.  Other than dance and the other pieces that correlate to dance, I do not really make or create other art.   
§  Have you ever made a drawing? A painting? A sculpture?
I have made some of these pieces of media in elementary-high school in order to fulfill requirements to graduate but I do not generally do any of these things for my own enjoyment or expression.  
§  When was the last time you went to a museum? Gallery? Artist studio? 
I go to the dance studio almost every day.  I am there all the time during the week and on the weekend I also sometimes go for classes or rehearsals.  It has been a while since I have been to a museum or a gallery and I would have to guess that the last time was some time when I was at home and went down to Washington, DC to visit something.  
 Have you ever been to a play? Opera? Art Film? Do you dance? 
I have frequently attended plays, musicals, and ballets or dance concerts.  I have been to New York on numerous occasions and I also live very close to DC, and have had the opportunity to attend different shows.  In New York I have seen 42nd Street, Wicked, In The Heights, and Gypsy.  In DC I have seen a few different things including both plays and ballets.  Because of my interest in dance I have seen numerous dance companies do different pieces of work as well. 
§  Under what conditions do you learn the most?
I generally learn best in a quiet environment with a small amount of background noise if I am by myself.  In a classroom I prefer to be close to the front and like to have audio and visual presentations that are engaging so that I am constantly brought to the attention of what is being presented.  If I am working on something on my own I prefer to be with people that are also working, it keeps me on task better. 
§  Why are you taking this class?
 I am taking this class as a requirement for my education cognate, part of my major.  I also think that this will greatly benefit me in the future so that I can draw connections to different art forms and especially draw connections to dance.  I am interested to be exposed to other art forms and the different important pieces that are a part of the arts.
§  Has any of the arts ever moved you in any way? How?
I think that dance has certainly inspired me and has taught me a lot.  There are definitely pieces that have made me laugh and cry and things that I have enjoyed and others that I have strongly disliked.  Also, with music I am often able to make connections to my own situations and sometimes the outcomes of the songs move me to tears or to joy.
§  What inspires you?
I would say that the things that inspire me most are the people around me.  I think that there is something to be said about the way that other people act and the influences that they have on the decisions that you make.   There are things that I would never have done without the encouragement of others and there are people that I look up to and help me see the way that they can do things. 
§  What is art?
Art is a form of expression.  I think that there are lots of things that can be considered art and there are lots of different definitions of art.  There are some things that one person may find artistic and someone different can be looking at the same thing and disagree whether it is artistic or not.  Although there are different definitions on art and different forms, the commonality to me is that it is a form of expression. 
§  Do you consider movies art? Music? Video games? Comics? Television?
I think that movies can be considered art. In a film, a director is interpreting how to convey a story, the actors are interpreting a role and a character, and camera men are interpreting the angles and shots that are appropriate to convey a message.  These are only some of the roles that are a part of the process to creating the final product of a film.  These roles that take so much interpretation have to have innovative and creative about what they are creating. 
§  Who decided what is good art? How do they know?
Good art depends on the person who is analyzing it, there are multiple things that people debate but when it all comes down to it, “good” is subjective and no one can refute another person’s opinion.   When it comes to the classics and what people consider good or important, I think it is society that decides what the big things are.  The things that are most widely accepted and used as important generally stay that way and become historically important and relevant. 
§  When you debate music or movies with your friends, what critical elements or standards do you hold them to?
I generally stick to whether I enjoy it or not and the content of the particular media.  My friends and I actually have different taste in lots of things but overlap some of the content as well.  Mostly we just share what we like and debate why it is good based on what appeals to us.   
§  What was the best movie of last year?
To be honest I am always seemingly behind in the new movies that come out.  There are many movies in 2010 that I would have liked to see and I am sure that I will it is just a matter of time.  I am a fan of the Harry Potter series and of the Twilight saga and enjoyed both of the current movies that are part of those series but I am not sure that they would exactly be part of the best movies of the year.  I look forward to viewing some of the movies that I think might be more appropriate for the best of the year list. 
§  What is an “Art Film”?
An art film can have different definitions to different people but to me it is something that is different and creative that takes something seemingly typical and present it in a different light with original differences. 
§  What CD or MP3 is in your player?
Usually there is a big mix of music in my given music player.  I listen to everything from country to rap.  At the moment however I have the “Country Strong” soundtrack in my car and on my computer.  I just recently saw the movie and absolutely fell in love with the story, characters, and the music.  I thought the whole thing was very genuine and some of the content just really hit home.