Thursday, February 3, 2011

Assignment 3:

1. Do you remember how I talked about making a practical experience into an aesthetic experience? I would like for you to think about something that you do every day. Something that you do without thinking about it too much. Now, take that practical experience and turn it into an aesthetic experience. Use similes, metaphors and any other descriptive information from your English classes. Post a picture...
Every morning I put on eye makeup as a part of getting ready and prepared for the day ahead of me.  I chose the color of the eye shadow that I want to wear, usually something to match my outfit.  The brush is mixed into the color ever so carefully to be sure that it is on the correct side.  Dying the brush hairs a different color, giving it a flare.  Only for me to raise the brush to my eyes to gently stroke the brush onto my bare skin.  Taking a blank canvas and giving it a chance to shine and be bright and different for the day.  The powder falls softly off the brush and settles to my skin glistening and glowing in the light above.  Bringing attention and glow to my eyes the powder has found its home for the day.   

2. Post your picture that you drew in class when we listened to "Nessum Dorma" and drew what Pavarotti might have been singing about. What were some of the feelings that you thought while he was singing.

While Pavarotti was singing I was thinking longing and yearning.  There was a sense that he was almost calling to someone and there was a great connection that he had with the person that he was “calling” to.  To honest, when I was listening because it was not in English I was more focused on the instruments and the way that their sounds were moving and the patterns in which they followed.  I am a dancer so when I hear music I naturally think of the music in terms of dance and the steps that I would match to the piece of music that I am listening to.  It also helped that this was more of a classical piece with string instruments that created a nice flowing sound.  Overall, the picture that I drew was trying to follow the notes of the music as well as the inflection that the voice followed with crescendos.  I was impressed that with just the basic sounds and structure of the piece the class overall was able to get close to the real meaning of the song and the context in which it would have been sung. 

3. Describe the establishing shot in a movie. What is its purpose? What does it tell us as the viewers of a film? How important is the establishing shot in a movie?

An establishing shot sets up and establishes the context of a scene.  In order to do this they often share relationships between important figures and objects and using famous landmarks to indicate specific cities.  An establishing shot becomes very important so that the viewer has a basic understanding of where things are taking place and often it helps indicate what time period is being used as well which can make a difference in the story line and what was considered “normal”. Without an establishing shot a viewer’s comprehension of the story might take longer than what would be comfortable.

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