Thursday, March 31, 2011

Museum Picture

Describe the photograph:
                The photograph of Tina Turner taken by and owned by Bob Gruen was taken in 1970 but printed in 1971.  The picture was printed in black and white but the emphasis on the stage light used more warm orange tones. The combination of leaving the aperture open for a second exposure and the strobe lights created the look like she was moving and almost like capturing her dancing.   The photo is a medium size that could or would be hung on a wall above something.

Analyze the photograph:
                The photograph is of Tina Turner in a performance of one of her concerts.  She is wearing a dress that if relatively dressed up style. She is meant to be the star of the evening so it makes sense that she would be dressed in a stunning outgoing outfit.  The shot was taken on the stage that she was performing on for the evening.  This photo reveals her in her element and her extreme love for where she is.  Many photographers were not allowed to take pictures after a certain amount of time so as not to take pictures of the human imperfections.  People did not want to be seen after they had started getting hot and sweaty but rather wanted to be seen with the perfection of their beginning state.  Here we are able to see the sweat and passion of Tina Turner as a performer really in her element.  Seeing the work that goes into the performance is sometimes the beauty of the art. 

                During the 1970s Tina Turner’s popularity was diminishing and her personal life was in shambles.  I think that this picture shows her in a vulnerable state just her and her music.  It shows the real her, laid out on the stage.  To me putting this picture in context just shows how much music really was important for her life and that this is the place that she could just be herself and lay it all out. 

                As far as the way that I imagine her using her music is the way that I sometimes use dancing which is my passion.  It is easy to just go to the place that is familiar to you and just put all of your energy into your art and forget everything else that is going on in the world around you.  I think that arts can really be used as a release and a place to escape.  

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