Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Assignment 7: Theatre

1. Describe the difference between a thrust stage and proscenium stage.

A proscenium stage is a stage, sometimes referred to as a picture frame stage.  The primary feature is the large opening known as the proscenium arch through which the audience views the actors and the performance.  The audience directly faces the stage and only views one side of the scene, commonly known as the invisible fourth wall. 
A thrust stage extends into the audience on three sides and is connected to the backstage area buy the upstage end.  A thrust has the benefit of greater intimacy between the audience and the performers than in a proscenium. 


 2. What is the fly gallery?

A fly gallery is a system of lines/ropes, blocks/pulleys, counterweights, and related devices that enable the stage crew to quickly, quietly, and safely fly/hoist components such as curtains, lights, scenery, stage effects, and sometimes people.  The fly gallery is a large opening above the stage known as the fly space. 

3. How does a scrim work?

A scrim is a finely woven lightweight fabric made from cotton.  It is lightweight and translucence.  They are used in the theatre for a variety of special effects.  Scrims both reflect and transmit light.  If a light is shone from the front of the house then both the scrim and everything behind it will be lit.  Lighting from different places creates different effects. 
If a scrim is used with a cyclorama or back drops the colors that are projected on the backdrop the scrim creates a different saturation of the color.  A scrim can also help create a greater sense of depth.  A scrim will appear entirely opaque if everything behind it is unlit and the scrim itself is grazed by light from the sides or from above.
Other ways to use a scrim:
  • A scrim will appear transparent if a scene behind it is lit, but there is no light on the scrim.
  • A dreamy or foggy look can be achieved by lighting a scene entirely behind a scrim.
  • If a gobo is aimed at a scrim, the image will appear on the scrim, but also any objects behind the scrim will be lit by the pattern as well.

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